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What Our Participants Say About Us

Who better to tell you about The Reel Challenge than the people who have experienced it?  We've pulled together a few of the testimonials we received in 2016, to help you build a picture of the time spent on Reel.

Hansel Rodrigues

'For My Brother'

"The Reel Challenge was an incredible and truly unique experience…. it allowed me time to 100% focus filmmaking with a clear deadline. It's a really raw, stripped back and motivational way of filmmaking with a really nice pay off at the end." - Hansel

100% of participants agreed...

According to our post-launch questionnaire, all of our participants agreed that:

"... the venue was a great choice for the Launch Workshop"

"... the workshop was well run and organised"

"... I enjoyed meeting other participants"

"... the workshop helped me develop my film concept"

Ted Simpson

'Life Lessons'

"Reel was a massively helpful learning experience for us as filmmakers. Throughout the entire challenge we were encouraged to think about every aspect of the filmmaking process... and the time pressure encouraged us to film and edit efficiently without using perfection as an excuse! We loved all the industry support and the opportunities for networking and development. Overall an awesome experience!"

Melanie Hannan-Mills

'Falling Upwards'

"It was such an empowering and supported time on The Reel Challenge.  In addition to the obvious skills crash course, what really stood out was the opportunity to develop and articulate new ideas.  [We] felt able to make important decisions and clarify our reasoning in a way that only comes from being surrounded and encouraged by a community of talented and focused artists."

Emily Wood

'Breaking the Cycle'

"The Reel Challenge will always remain my favourite memory of 2016. Not only an incredible adventure with a large group of inspirational and like minded individuals - but a huge learning curve and insight into the world of film. The workshop in London was invaluable to creating a film I felt proud of, and enabled me to really hone my ideas. The reel team are so helpful and are always at hand if you have any questions - they really make you feel like you're part of a community! I would recommend the Reel challenge to anyone looking for an unforgettable summer!"

Mia Garfield

'Searching for Shadows'

"The Reel Film Challenge was an amazing and insane endeavour, having to get from London all the way to Budapest and make a film. I learnt that when the right parts come together you can create something truly spectacular and that was what Reel was all about, seeing the opportunities and taking the risks. I don't think I would have been able to do that in any other context."

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