Reel Workshop: Back To School!

Last month Rob and Fin were excited to be heading back to their old school in Woking to deliver a Reel Education workshop.

Reel Education is the latest initiative to come out of Reel HQ. It translates the lessons learned from hosting The Reel Challenge and delivers them to secondary school and sixth form students via engaging workshops.

The day was a great success and we had a great time doing it. We hope to be back soon with more!

Here's what they said about our visit (little plug from the old school newsletter!)...

"The Reel Challenge came to Woking High School!

After being inspired by some great adventures of their own, Rob Prince and Fin O’Sullivan, former students of Woking High School, set out to create a business that would combine two of their great passions: creativity and adventure.

So, in late 2015, The Reel Challenge was born! Reel offers a unique opportunity for young film makers to travel from London to Budapest while creating their own short films on the way. The trip includes a workshop in London and a film festival in Budapest, both of which are supported by professionals from the film industry.

Reel is growing fast and has already gained support from a number of big organisations, including the British Film Institute, Channel 4 and Raindance.

And so Reel Education is born! Their mission is to take some of the key lessons that they’ve learned organising Reel and passing them on to the next generation of film makers. They believe that the ability to actively engage with film (both practically and academically) is fast becoming a “must have” for students, and so they are really excited to be helping students do just that.

We were fortunate in having Reel conduct a workshop for our Year 11 Media Students. The main focus of the work shop was ‘Sound Design’ because this is often the area that presents most difficulties for amateur filmmakers. Students were divided into groups and given the opportunity to create and record sound effects for a short film.

After the workshop, Rob and Fin had the following to say about the students: “The students at Woking High were great to work with – they were both enthusiastic and engaged. All of the students seemed to be pleasantly surprised by their newfound ability to recreate sounds for film, which was awesome to see. Seeing (or hearing!) a bouncing ping-pong ball being used to accurately replicate the sound of a ticking clock was a particular highlight for us!”

Comments from our students: “influential”, “enlightening”, “a fresh taste”, “informative”… “Exciting and inspiring with a ‘reel’ insight into the movie world!”

Thank you, Reel Challenge!"

It was very strange indeed to be standing and teaching filmmaking in the exact same classroom where I studied for 3 years. I have vivid memories of watching some of the greats (Gladiator, Dead Poet's Society, Of Mice and Men, Jaws, etc.) on the screen that we used to show some of our Reel 2017 entries! Very surreal! Anyway...

... Thanks Woking High School! Here's us after the session looking relieved...

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