Reel 2016 - The Round Up

If you missed out on a place at Reel 2016, you can catch up with everything you missed below!

We've kept our write up brief, so if you have any questions or want to hear more don't hesitate to get in touch with The Reel Team at

We're already expecting Reel 2017 to be bigger and even better, so if this sounds like your cup of tea make sure you get on and book your place!

The Launch

Our Launch Workshop, hosted at Lock Studios in East London, provided participants with the opportunity to hone and refine their ideas with the help and support of some amazing industry experts, before setting off on their adventures.

The intensive day combined presentations ('The Art of Storytelling' with Gabriella Apicella; 'Budget Production Masterclass' with Rob Savage; 'Shooting Abroad' with Jaha Browne; and 'Production 101' with Mini Productions) with informal workshop sessions supported by additional guests including Mo Ali, Theresa Boden and Phil Dyas.

By mid-afternoon, everyone was ready to 'speed pitch' their concept back to the group (and be unceremoniously 'played off' Oscars-style if they went on too long!) and it was immediately clear that we had some amazing films in prospect.

The evening of the Launch Workshop was spent making final touches to film plans and sharing a few beers at Lock Studios, before making our way to a local restaurant for dinner, dodging some pretty heavy showers.

Participants returned to a transformed Lock Studios - our 'indoor camping' venue complete with tents, mattresses and 'camp fires' (which cleverly disguised charging points for phones and laptops) was a great way to round off the day!

The Routes

We were really excited to see that even in our inaugural year, participants had chosen a real variety of routes to Budapest.

After leaving us the following morning to head off on their adventures, participants travelled by plane, train, automobile… and even bicycle! Luckily our Facebook Group kept us up to speed with what everyone was up to, including breaking kit, breaking down and getting lost all over Europe!


Participants started to arrive at Hive Hostel in Budapest on the 3rd July, and could be found in the atrium, editing and finalising their films right up until the deadline at 6pm on the 4th. A spontaneous night out (inc. beer pong) on the 3rd went on a little longer than planned, but set a great precedent for the Wrap Party to come!

Film Festival

Film Festival day at Extra – one of Budapest's best 'ruin bars' - was every bit the celebration of filmmaking we hoped it would be – the 15 films eventually submitted, all of great quality, made fantastic viewing. Entries ranged from 'experimental' to 'classic travelogue' - and everything in between!

After each screening, our panel of expert judges (Noel Goodwin, Marc Price, Phil Dyas, April Kelley and Sara Huxley) gave feedback to the room on what they had just seen, and everyone was asked to judge what they had watched in order for us to present an 'Audience Choice' award that evening.

While the Reel Team prepared for the Awards Presentation, participants were left to drink and dine downstairs, before being called back upstairs for the big event. The Awards Ceremony was exciting, raucous and positively triumphant, with some amazing films being recognised. In addition to the top three prizes (Judges Choice, Audience Choice, and The Reel Award), additional awards included the 'Award for Best Production' and 'Director's Choice Award'.

Wrap Party

It was a matter of seconds between the 'free bar' announcement and the pouring of the first tequila shots, after which we made our way to a local club and famous ruin bar, Fogasház. At that point, the evening very quickly descended into - well, let's just say it was a great night!

Thanks to Everyone Involved...

To reiterate something we said at the end of the awards ceremony… Reel took all of our participants on an amazing journey, both across Europe and in filmmaking. It also represented the culmination of our own journey (so far!) as Co-Founders.

We couldn’t be more grateful for all the support we've received in taking this idea that we found in the bottom of a pint glass and turning it in to a real life film festival!

We can't wait for the exciting year ahead, planning The Reel Challenge 2017 and all the other exciting things we've got on the cards – we hope you'll be part of the adventure!

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