Planes, Trains and Automobiles: 3 Routes You Need To Consider

So you’ve signed up to Reel – CONGRATULATIONS! Now you’re thinking about your trip, and how on earth you’re actually going to do it. Never fear, we’ve got some ideas for you…!

The exciting thing to remember is that Budapest is a) not actually THAT far away, and b) Accessible via literally hundreds of different routes. You’ve got nothing (serious) to worry about.

We totally get that as an aspiring filmmaker you’re on a tight budget. That’s cool. We have deliberately kept all the costs manageable for you guys, and that includes picking a destination that isn’t going to cost thousands to arrive at!

We’ve comprised this mini-guide to give you some ideas on planning your trip. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and take a bit of a leap – it’ll be worth it! You’re going to see a lot of great stuff on the way, and you’ll be spoilt for choice for filming locations!


Driving is actually one of the easiest and potentially most cost-effective ways of completing Reel. Believe it or not, Budapest is only an 18 hour* drive away from London, which is much speedier than a lot of people would expect!

With fuel as cheap as it’s been in a long while, and ferry tickets for a car of 4 starting at £90 return( P&O Ferries) this really could be a super cheap option. There is also the quicker option of using the speedier channel tunnel which starts at £128 return (Euro Tunnel).

You’ll need access to a car, obviously, and you should be a little bit careful with insurance (it’s normally pretty straight forward), but it’s a great option if you want cheap, quick and (relatively) easy!

The beauty of having a car at your disposal will mean you can really vary the route you take. Rather than steaming straight on through to Budapest, you’ve got the whole of Europe to explore. Why not stray across Europe a little – Belgium, France, Austria, Italy? – as there are countless places to see and people to meet!


Flying is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s super-quick and really quite comfortable. On the other hand, you’ll have to make a special effort to make sure you’re not missing out on the fun of the adventure!

Flights direct from London to Budapest come pretty damn cheap (we’ve just booked flights for less than £40pp).

But if you’re flying from London, why not hit up some of the other amazing places in central Europe? Some great destinations that are within a cheap-flights-reach include Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Bucharest (Romania).

If you’re looking to just fly home from Budapest after the Challenge, the options can be really cheap. Tickets for £25 aren’t uncommon, and will get you back home quickly. Remember if you’re going with a dirt-cheap airline, you’ll need to throw an extra £25 or so in for luggage (pesky airlines…!)


Interrailing is an extremely popular way for students and young people to travel through Europe. Don’t worry – we hate the tube too – but this won’t be like that at all! This method enables you to not only cross through multiple countries quickly but also gives you time to sit back relax and plan your next filming location or even better, get some editing done!

Interrailing is definitely an option we’d recommend, as it’s a great way to combine flexibility and efficiency. It’s also great news that students under 25 can pick up an Interrail pass for £154! (Inter rail).

The basic pass is valid for 5 days travel within one month meaning you have more than enough time to get to Budapest whilst passing through some amazing places along the way.

If you’re really smart and/or lucky (or you’re in a team with someone that is!) you could even wind up saving on a few nights accommodation by traveling at the right times.

Get Creative!

At Reel we love adventure (it’s actually how the three Founders met). We’ve driven to Mongolia in a Kia Rio, hitchhiked across the USA, raced Rickshaws across the Subcontinent, and quad biked around Zimbabwe. We think the more creative you are with the adventure aspect of your trip, the more you’ll get out of it.

Think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to do something different. Want to cycle, skateboard, Segway, swim or ski?

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