Not For Everyone: 5 Reasons Reel Isn't For You

Reel is an exciting opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to combine their creativity with adventure and make amazing films while travelling across Europe. But it’s not for everyone. We thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide!

Below we’ve outlined 5 major reasons why Reel might not be for you!

1. Life ‘On The Road’ Just Doesn’t Appeal To You
You shoot your opening scene in the early morning sunlight – the town square in Bruges – before heading to Brussels for lunch. You spend your afternoon capturing some great natural shots in the forest just outside Cologne. In Frankfurt, where you’ll be spending the night, you finish the day off with your team in a bar by the river. You sip the froth off a crisp, frosty stein and look around at your friends doing the same. You sink back in to your chair, hold your hands behind your head, take a long deep breath and think, “this has been the worst day of my life”.

2. You Know What You Like, And You Like What You Know

As filming locations go, ‘anywhere between here and Budapest’ is a pretty big one. Having the whole of Europe as your canvas is an ideal situation for some, but you’d rather avoid having that sort of choice. You revel in the misery that comes with filming in sub-par locations. In fact, your fondest filmmaking memory is that time you and your crew spent hours desperately trying to transform that lecture hall in to a ‘gritty nightclub’.

3. You Don’t Care What The Pros Think

We make a big song and dance about the fact that experts from huge institutions like The BFI and Raindance will judge the ‘Finish Line Film Festival’ in June. We want to provide you opportunities, not only to get real, constructive feedback your work, but also to get noticed by the people at the forefront of their craft. But you don’t care what the experts think – you’ve looked at the line-up, and you think “Pah. If I want feedback I’ll ask my Gran!”.

4. You’re more ‘books’ than Budapest

Reel is very deliberately about getting out in the world with your camera and making something awesome. Who knows, you may even win a festival award for your work and get noticed! Pretty much everyone in the industry will tell you that the best thing you can do as an aspiring filmmaker is grab hold of as many enriching experiences as possible. But then again they could all be exaggerating… and if you’d rather read about an awesome trip than do one, Reel might be a bit of a stretch! Probably best to put down the camera and head into the living room, theres a puzzle that needs finishing…

5. You Have An Irrational Fear of Delicious Hungarian Goulash

Fair enough - that sounds awful.

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