Our Story

The co-founders of Reel - Fin, John and Rob - are in the rare and very fortunate position of being great friends first, and film festival partners second.

They first met while travelling across India - and it was actually while reflecting upon their experience there (filming, but without structure and support) that Reel was born.

They wanted to build an environment where adventure could be used as a catalyst for creative freedom and building a real sense of community amongst likeminded people.

The first ever Reel event took place in 2016, and since then has continued to grow steadily with the support of amazing partners and friends of the organisation.

Almost one hundred filmmakers have now taken part in the challenge, and the team are looking forward to the many exciting things still to come!


Reel is all about creating opportunity.  Whether that's the opportunity to make something, be inspired by new places, grow as an individual, meet new people, develop your career, or something else.  We encourage people to 'take the leap'.

"It’s a unique festival in the sense that the organisers clearly have absolute love for the event, the participants and the films.
It filters down through the entire challenge, which makes it feel totally different to other festivals.
You see first hand how hard they work behind the scenes... and there's a real family vibe."

We really believe in the power of collaboration - especially in this industry!  Reel is a thriving community of ambitious, diverse, talented and like-minded filmmakers, and we're immensely proud of all the amazing things that our alumni go on to achieve after Reel.

Who's involved?

The Founders

Fin O'Sullivan, John Grigg and Rob Prince are the founders and directors of The Reel Challenge.  They're the driving force behind it, and lead the event together each year.

The Reel Team

In addition, there's a growing team of fantastic alumni and judges who contribute to the running of the organisation, for whom we are very grateful indeed!


Partners and Friends of Reel

And finally there's all the people who lend us their support, whether officially (our amazing partners and sponsors) or unofficially (the many people who help us out simply because they believe in the same things we do.