What is the Four Walls Film Challenge?

The Four Walls Film Challenge is a unique film challenge designed for all us filmmakers currently stuck inside. Contestants have three days to write, film and edit a short film all within the four walls of their house! 


Your main submission will be a short film of any genre, up to five minutes long.

This challenge is about moving beyond the limits of isolation. Your short must still involve Reel's core principles of creativity and adventure. 


You can sign up either as an individual or as part of a team - whether you are living together or working together online. Just make sure that you maintain social distancing and follow government guidelines at all times during the challenge. 

Note: there is a maximum team size of five filmmakers.


You will provide your own kit.

All films are judged equally, so you don't need an expensive camera or fancy rig. 


Now is the time to be creative - how can you only use what is around you to create a brilliant film

What is included?
"I think in a few years I'll look back on Reel and think of it as the beginning of my career as a filmmaker..."

Launch workshop

The challenge begins with presentations from professional filmmakers and helpful tips on how to make the best film while in isolation. 

One-on-one mentorship 

The Reel Team will be on hand all weekend to give tips and advice to all filmmakers taking part.

Reel film festival

The top entries will be live-streamed to audiences around the world in our Four Walls Film Festival. 

Awards ceremony

Following the festival, our panel of expert judges will give out the prizes to the winning films. 

Why should I take part? 
This is an opportunity for you to show what you can do. A chance to be creative, try new things, and to have your work seen by industry professionals and the wider Reel community. 
Reel is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. We're filmmakers as well, so we understand the need to stay active and creative. This challenge was created to not only provide filmmakers a creative outlet, but also the support and sense of community that Reel offers. 
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Got questions?  Need to speak to someone about more of the details?

We've got an excellent team made up of ex-participants who are ready to answer all of your questions and give you the support you may need before you decide to take part in the online challenge. 

Contact and we'll get back to you within 48 hours!