The Four Walls Film Challenge 

Waiver and Content Agreement

Release and Waiver of Liability

I acknowledge that this Release and Waiver of Liability form will be used by The Four Walls Film Challenge (Reel Film Challenge Limited) to govern my actions and responsibilities on said event. 

I understand that The Four Walls Film Challenge consists of two events. The first (hereafter referred to as ‘The Launch’) will be hosted online, and the second (hereafter referred to as ‘The Four Walls Film Festival’) will also be hosted online. 

I acknowledge that The Four Walls Film Challenge holds no responsibility for the action for the time spent between ‘The Launch’ and ‘The Four Walls Film Festival’. I understand that The Four Walls Film Challenge has no liability in any way for any occurrence that takes place between the two events. 

I understand that all filming must be in accordance with government guidelines. I understand that I must not film outside my home or in shared/communal areas with people I do not live with. 

I hereby waive, assume any risk, and take full responsibility and waive any claims of personal injury, death or damage/loss of personal property associated with The Four Walls Film Challenge. 

I understand that at these online events I may be photographed, screen recorded and filmed. I agree to allow my photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by Reel Film Challenge Limited and authorised sponsors and partners. 

I have read this waiver and release and fully understand its terms. I understand that I am giving up legal rights. I have signed this Agreement voluntarily and under my own free will. 

This Release and Waiver of Liability shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under the applicable law. 

Content Agreement  

The Four Walls Film Challenge reserves the right to reproduce stills and clips from all films submitted to the Four Walls Film challenge (up to 2 minutes) for all purposes deemed appropriate by the Four Walls Film Challenge. 

This includes but is not limited to related publications, trailers, press and TV coverage, private screenings and online distribution. You (the filmmaker) will always be credited accordingly where more than 20 seconds of your film is used. 

The Four Walls Challenge will always endeavour to act in a way that benefits the filmmaking community. By signing below, you confirm that you have understood the above and agree with the content agreement. 

In the event of disagreement concerning the interpretation of the regulations, the interpretation of the challenge will take precedence.

As is an electronic document, I confirm that accepting these terms and conditions and paying my entry fee, I accept this Release and Waiver of Liability in its entirety.

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For more information and participant enquiries contact for a response within 48 hours 

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